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About 0xDefi

The creation of 0xDefi was done to increase traders’ sense of security. 0xDefi can assist our investor in deciding whether a coin is good or harmful by using these multipurpose tools, which are made possible by cutting-edge technologies developed for investors.

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Rugpull Checker

Here at 0xDefi, welcome! The practical rug-pull checker. You can use our useful tool to find potential rug pullers and get crucial project liquidity information. Moreover, it is entirely free! 0xDefi - Utilizing 0xDefi, you will be able to view every aspect of a token, identify any honeypots or rugpulls, and make an immediate decision over whether to ape or not


Utilize 0xDefi to view all token prices in one place.

Live new pairs

Where you can see the coins with potential and how much the currency will gain in value over a span of 5-minutes to 24-hour view.


Using the 0xDefi chart tool, you can view the live price of Ethereum tokens together with a variety of useful data, including dextools and dexscreener. Additionally, you will be able to learn more about honeypots, token taxes, and potential rug pulls.


Use 0xDefi, the most effective portfolio management tool on the blockchain, to keep track of your coin. Portfolio - Track your coin using 0xDefi, which works with all ecosystem tokens. To see all of your tokens and your PnL, you simply need to paste the address of your wallet.

Token Fomo

To be the first to ape, use 0xDefi Fomo to see all new launches.


Multi Cross Chain Swap

0xDefi Swap is an aggregator platform that combines a dex aggregator and bridge aggregator. It offers the best possible rates for transactions by analyzing different dexes and bridges without using smart contracts. Users can choose the option that offers the best rate and also select the preferred bridge or dex to use. Other features include completing swaps, setting limit orders, revoking approval, and avoiding slippage when executing trades. Overall, 0xDefi Swap is a useful tool for trading across different chains with its unique features and easy-to-use platform.



The 0xDefi Staking platform offers a 50% apy to token holders who want to stake their assets and a one-week lock period. and holders who remove their position before the conclusion of the one week period will get 10% in default costs.

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